Obstacles of the heart are never here on accident.

There isn’t a pain that doesn’t carry within it, the most immaculate lesson for growing bigger into love.

When we swim out of the stories that reinforce our victimhood, and remember that our power lies within our own decision, the stress lets up and the education process begins.

Starting with loving the one who hurts.

I find that equating breath with love is the simplest way to sooth the child inside who’s safety depends on others.

The child inside is learning to sink into the lap of the Divine Mother with total remembrance.

She needs a lot of delightful words of reassurance.

She doesn’t need to be scolded or punished for feeling hard feels. 

She sometimes needs to move in slow motion so that she can be aware of her Godliness. 

She needs to feel herself moving through time and space in awe of the miracle of inhabiting a body.

She needs to watch the cat outside her window, strutting across the street unharmed.