Notice where your mind harps on deprivation.

Realize that as long as deprivation is circulating, the circumstances will remain as such.

First, change your mind. Change your thinking habits. Change your default feeling states. 




Every moment is a new opportunity to practice. 

Then simply allow for something new to emerge.

Your job is not to go finding the things you want, while feeling sad about not having them.

Your job is to mine your mind for scarcity and take deliberate internal action to reach for new, helpful and inspiring thoughts that offer you relief.

Focus on thoughts that make you feel good.

Getting caught up in a constant repetition of the displeasing storylines of what “is”

will certainly ensure more of what isn’t pleasing you.

Feel into what you want as if it’s already DONE. 

Because it is done. It’s simply waiting for you to become a vibrational match so that it can materliaze. 

Sacral Chakra ACTIVATION:

My creativity flows effortlessly. 

The flame of my passion is fully LIT. 

I feel pleasure streaming through my body and heart. 

I am fully connected to myself, and can be fully present with another.

My sacred oasis is mine, and I only let those in who feel safe, present, honoring and delicious.