I didn’t know for a good long while, and sometimes I still forget, that my outer world is a holographic map of my internal being. My relationships and interactions, my environment, and all the situations I happen to find myself in are showing me my deepest beliefs about myself. When I started to clue into the connection between the inner and the outer, I felt uncomfortably responsible, and in some cases, ashamed. But the more I marinated in the experience of interconnectedness, the more I started to feel empowered, and able to use this knowing to aid in my self-service. 

If my external world is constantly giving me the most useful and relevant information and circumstances for my spiritual evolution, then the pathway toward wholeness is no longer shrouded in convolution and confusion. 

Because as it turns out, everything that I need in order to evolve is right smack in front of me, and right on time. 

Can I get a Hallelujah?  

Especially as it relates to the recurring themes and patterns that show up again and again. Instead of judging myself for “still being stuck in this or that godforsaken lesson” I learned that it was much more useful to love myself through it, aaalllllllll the way through it, no matter how long it takes. 

When my approach to my healing changed from judgement to love, everything else began to shift along with it. I’m not perfect at this still, it’s something I have to reinforce on the daily, but it is becoming more and more natural for me to soften to my various parts and access my innocence. 

When I started to get that love was the answer to all of life’s big and small questions, I discovered that I can take refuge in the safety of my own heart. That simply making contact with my heart with my hands and breath helps me to move from my monkey mind to my tender feelings, where I am able to both comfort myself and get to the truth of love. 

When I began to embrace and accept my dark, wounded, and insecure places, I found myself actually capable of genuinely loving others. I became more brave in allowing myself to be authentically seen, and more allowing of others to be who they are, and where they are on their journeys. 

When I learned how to let go, like really let shit go as a way of life, I developed a whole lot more space for pleasure, delight, gratitude, and trust.

When I gave myself permission to receive, ask for help, and accept the support that was being offered to me, I could finally appreciate an honest experience of fulfillment.

When I experienced the fact that helping others live more conscious and fulfilling lives was just as rewarding as helping myself live mine, my path cleared up and continues to unfold in remarkably beautiful ways. 

I used to wear my pain like a badge of honor. My early life was punctuated with a lot of loss and illness in my immediate family, which left me feeling terrified of life and intimate connections. I lead with my hurt, felt victimized by “being left”, and wayward in the complexities of being alive. My identity was intermingled with my pain.

Until I discovered that I had the power to shift my commitments. And so I started swapping my commitment to my victimhood for a commitment to my alignment. Which became a commitment to listening and responding to the stirrings of my heart, and a commitment to surrendering to the unconditional love and support of the Divine.

And then eventually, I started to interface with my sadness differently. I didn’t have to run from it anymore, or try and solve it. I started trusting the flow of my emotions, didn’t judge my lows so harshly, which gave me access to a sensation of thriving pulsing through my body and spirit.

And I wanted more of that. And so, little by little, I adopted healing and enlightenment as a lifestyle, as an every-day mission and intention, trusting that every interaction, obstacle, and trigger is a healing opportunity to know and love myself better.  

My healing style is intuitive. It’s creative, whimsical, humor-full, and honest. It’s about connecting heart-to-heart, third-eye-to-third-eye, soul-to-soul to remember how deserving we all are of:

*Safe and enriching relationships and spaces

*Thriving health and vital life force

*Work that reflects our unique gifts and sweetest joy

*Healthy, satisfying intimacy

*The confidence to show up and say yes

*The courage to own our no and establish healthy boundaries

*The skillset to navigate our pain with compassion and awareness

*The ability to communicate from our hearts

*The humility to let God lead

My training – formal and informal – spans an eclectic spectrum of creative and healing art forms. 

I have studied with coaches, art therapists, Buddhists, and masterful healers in bodywork, energy healing and the psychic arts. I have a background in expressive arts education and creative youth development. I am an avid student and teacher of spirituality, and am forever seeking new perspectives to see and appreciate the uniqueness of others, so as to help others see and appreciate themselves. 

Being of service to those on the path to wholeness is one of my favorite things about my life. I look forward to the opportunity to hold space for your journey toward greater alignment, activation, and love.