Without needing to know what that is.

When we are holding the highest outcome for our connections, we are acting from our higher self. When we are acting from our higher self, we are acting from love. When we are acting from love, we are giving the other person the chance to act from love as well. When everyone is operating from love, the highest outcome emerges. But it all starts with the intention.

And let’s be real, the highest outcome isn’t always the one we are hoping for. But it’s the one that’s the most honest. You don’t get to the highest outcome without being honest. It takes courage to hold the highest.

The highest possible outcome will always deliver us to the truth. Trust it. Intend it. And let go of your ideas of what you think it should be. The outcomes we are hoping for are generally based on what’s going to keep us the most comfortable. But love isn’t here to keep us comfortable, now is it? It’s here to deepen and expand us. Grow us up. And we all know by now that growth doesn’t happen by getting everything we want and staying locked up in our comfort zones.