Collage created September of 2020

We quest to find it. 

That place where we feel loved and safe and productive and aligned.

Those people, who really see us for who we truly are.

That ideal intimacy that finally feels like the perfectly right fit.

That career, that city, that income, that travel that gives us a sense of importance and validity.

We seek. We hunt. We fantasize.

And through our disappointment of never quite being able to get ourselves there, we grow…





It’s the hardest when we think we’ve landed.

I could’ve sworn you were it, but you are just another one seeking the Garden in all the wrong places.

This will happen every time when we, ourselves are seeking salvation in the wrong direction.

Something “out there” that we can only discover “in here.”

The truth beneath the veil

is that

the Garden of Eden has been here all along.