Portals Oracle

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Portals Oracle is a handmade tool for activating latent potential within you while offering portals of understanding into your human and spiritual experiences, connections, struggles, and opportunities.

Its accuracy is uncanny and will show you the precise clarity you need with each pull.

Portals Oracle can also be utilized for deepening connection, as it creates opportunities for insightful sharing and revelation.

Use with: partners, friends, family, groups, healing circles, clients, self.

A velvet pouch with 26 wooden pieces
Companion book

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Rose Gold, Dove, Twilight, Petal

1 review for Portals Oracle


    Portals Oracle is an invitation to meet your highest self. They’re an invitation to release the ego’s desire to control and to relax into what is. They’re such a timeless and original enlightenment experience. Every time I do a ritual for myself, everything that I need to hear comes to light. Portals are such a gift!

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