LOVE SCHOOL was founded on the belief that:
the best partnerships arise when we have a secure relationship with self, and are making progress on our soul’s mission.
Because of this, the program is divided into three general sections:



LOVE SCHOOL is for you if…

*You think that Love’s the most important thing about life and you want to get better at giving and receiving it.

*Being activated in your soul’s mission excites you.

*You are complete with feeling disempowered, unsatisfied, unmet, and uninspired in your relationships.





*Support you in strengthening your current connections.

*Prepare you for satisfying relationships to come.
*Guide you to deepen your knowing of who you truly are.
 *Assist your undoing of outmoded belief systems.
*Pump you up on your greater purpose for being ALIVE. 
You will receive one process prompt per week for four months via audio and visual files.
This will give space for your discoveries to unravel and integrate.
If you need more space, you can self-pace as needed. 
For most, this program will be more successful with an accountability partner.
The suggestion is to enroll with friend, family member or partner who is also ready for this undertaking, and setting up regular check-in sessions to process your insights and changes.
There is a discount for tickets bought together.