A tool for navigating your personal great mystery.

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Connect with your wisdom

1. Set your intention.
2. Pull a Portal.
3. Receive your reading.
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Portals Oracle is such a divine tool! I use it daily in my morning practice. As I set intentions for the day ahead, I pull a portal to feel into a theme of the day. It’s always so accurate! I also love to use it for readings with clients and friends. A wonderful implement for guidance.

The Portals have been a great addition to my guidance family. I love working with the Portals Oracle because it gives me a different sensory connection than cards. 

Your Portals… woman… I keep receiving messages from the friends I’ve given them to… just positively wowed by what they’re receiving from your channeled guidance and magic infusion.

These feel really good. Like a home-cooked meal. I can feel the love.

My entire being resonates each time I read the words you share on the Portals.

As a person who wants to make good decisions and is always on a quest to live fully and reach my potential, I often turn to Portals Oracle for guidance and wisdom. I use Portals at the beginning of the day to help center myself and orient to the day’s energy, and I use it as a tool to guide me through challenging moments. It is a versatile tool for getting in touch with your own higher wisdom and also for finding support through the bumps in the road.

Your book is a creation of genius. Thank you for this gift — it’s truly innovative.

Origin Story

How did the Portals Oracle come to be?

In trying to recount the inception of Portals Oracle when prompted with other people’s curiosity, I found myself getting pulled further and further into the past, where I discovered somewhat of a beginning—which was more than a decade prior to the project being even a dreamseed in my heart and vision. 

I’m 21 years old. I’m in Delphi, the site of the ancient Oracle site on Mt. Parnassus in Greece… 

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Hand made by women in California

A tool for navigating your personal great mystery.

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